mi•du (mee-doo)

Early 21st century, Middle American English slang for creative, non-linear ideas. midu creative. What do you do?


Video editing and post-production is our focus. Our Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro editing suite has been designed from the ground up to support SD and HD workflows and features THX certified Blue Sky speakers for accurate audio monitoring. It also comes equipped with a plasma TV and a couch so that you can review your edit in comfort. But our editing isn't about cool equipment. It's about telling stories and evoking emotion in the viewer. Our goal is to create connections and blur the line between spectator and participant.

We know that video isn't the only way to say what you need to say. That's why we also offer print, website, and PowerPoint creation. We think in integrated terms, so all of your communication pieces are sure to work with one another in harmony. We invite per piece projects as well as long-term accounts.

The midu Lifestyle (and Logo)

Being able to change with the needs of clients. Sudden blasts of creativity. The culture of any small company. All require being able to go with the flow and what better expresses that than the pinwheel. The pinwheel has the ability to change direction when needed yet is always securely planted in the ground. And indeed, some of the best ideas come out of thin air. After all, didn't someone once say that the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind?

Extra Credit

Just as there is confusion as to whether tomato is pronounced "toe-MAY-toe" or "toe-MAH-toe," so too is midu often mispronounced. For all of you grammatical geeks out there, midu is a business name, so it is a proper noun, but it symbolizes the pronoun "me" and the verb "do." midu is helmed by video editor Ryo Jepsen. Ryo is pronounced like "ree-oh" as in Rio de Janeiro. And may we say that he is just as festive.